Once Upon a Time

ONCE UPON A TIME is a half-hour reality television show

AboutThe Show

ONCE UPON A TIME is a half-hour reality television show produced with the purpose of bringing to life the rich African tradition of telling stories to children in such a way that educates, entertains and impacts values. The show incorporates the traditional African storytelling method with lots of African history, fables, folklore stories, and folk songs; in a very dynamic, dramatic and exciting style that keeps the audience highly entertained and wanting for more.

The unique thing about ONCE UPON A TIME is the fact that is shot in a modern-traditional style that aims at reminding contemporary Africans of the roots of their culture. It also aims at bringing childhood memories to life. The primary purpose of the show is to educate its audience as well as entertain them such that everyone anywhere, both young and old, would never want to miss an episode. ONCE UPON A TIME portrays in a very amazing way the beauty, richness and timeless values of the African tradition; and the need to sustain the African culture among the present generations.