Hope234 is an exceptional television content show


AboutThe Show

Hope234 is an exceptional television content show designed majorly for young people with an aim to give them an optimistic attitude towards life. The show magnifies the seemingly below-average jobs, showcasing the creativity and dynamism of people who lead great lives out of such jobs. The paradox of the show is the fact that the people featured on Hope234, who are educated but involved in jobs often looked down upon by most educated people, make more money and live comfortable lives than some of their educated contemporaries. These guys include the Hairdressers, Tailors, Shoemakers, Food sellers, Carpenters, Electricians, Mechanics and so many more.

Hope234 seeks to celebrate these young entrepreneurs who have taken the challenge of creating jobs by making the best out of life’s everyday opportunities. Video and photo documentaries of their work-life are made; each of them are then brought on the show and interviewed by the two host presenters, Saka (Afeez Oyetoro) and Omotunde Lolo. The exciting presenters make the show fun as they make a lot of funny remarks towards themselves and the guests.

Hearing the stories and watching the passion with which the Hope234 guests do what they do inspires hope in other young people and also triggers them to action. In every one is a gift that can be turned into an entrepreneurial skill which when applied creatively can lead to financial independence. This is what Hope234 seeks to remind every young viewer while correcting the wrong notions about non-white-collar jobs.

Hope234 is presently airing on MNET’s African Magic Urban, being one of the most creative and inspiring contents on African television, toping its game alongside many others in global media and entertainment industry.