Our Story

Birdview Group is an integrated media, communications and lifestyle group of businesses whose way of life is creating advantages with strategic communications intelligence.

The Group leverages its unique business convergence to create a positive force in a world of increasing competitions with a host of SMEs, families, and individuals who are lost in multiple choices within a usually volatile market.


Our Mission

Creating healthy advantages, while inspiring people and businesses to reach out for their desires.


Our Vision

To be a business conglomerate whose individual businesses is Nigeria’s first choice in respective industries.


Our Drive

“All we imagine is a world of beautiful, happy people who are able to reach out for their desires and be the best they can be; it will be a beautiful world that defies impossibilities.”


Our Strength

Unity in our Diversities

We imagined a company where everything is sourced from within. We pooled resources and personnel together to beat our imagination. Here we are, with varying business units where everything happens in different business hats; we barely have any reason to source from outside our walls. We operate with a strong synergy between Birdview Communications, Birdview Travels and Tours, Birdview Media, and Green News Nigeria. Every day, we imagine our capacity increase as your desires propel our strength.



Each of our management team members is a professional who has, at one time or the other, been known to challenging the status quo to create unthinkable results. It is the reason our objectives agree. We have formed a force in positive light by always going the route of innovation to ensure we are able to deliver the wings your ideas need to fly.


We Were There

We understand you more – We have a team of professionals who come from different social backgrounds. We can tell you that with our team, we were once where you are. We were once there, also expecting service from a group; we have an idea what you expect. We don’t depend on intuition; we invest heavily in scientific research to find more about what you expect. We spend every moment to understand Africa even more.



This is our pride; we don’t ever compromise on it. We don’t just build the best and most effective professional capacity for every part of our business, we pay attention to details and ensure that we deliver nothing less than professional. Every bit of our operation speaks a volume for us.


We create a strong competitive advantage with our unique synergy of expertise across varying media, communications, and lifestyle businesses. We approach everything with a system of thought that if it is not excellent, it is not good.

We believe the world can always be viewed from many lenses, so we constantly explore new experiences and new ways of doing things. If you met us yesterday, be prepared to meet an even more refreshed “us” today.

Harnessing all resources possible, we narrow down our effort per time to the people who need our services the most. We believe this way, the impact of our services becomes more effective, the people become better and happier, and the society becomes a more beautiful place to live.

It’s inspiring how we concentrate our daily effort on promoting simple ideas that make life better for about one billion Africans across the world. Through our offerings, we connect with the people and touch lives in an immeasurable manner. All we imagine is a world of beautiful, happy, people who are able to reach out for their dreams and be the best they can be; it will be a beautiful world that defies impossibilities.

Let’s Get your

We will help you achieve your goals and grow your business.