Birdview Travels and Tours

Birdview Travels & Tours was created out of the desire to explore the world’s advantages.
We are on a pursuit to help you explore the world in ways that connect you to people, natural wonders, and the best of the world’s treasures. We assume the role of being the liberators of your mental energy by delivering the seamless way to provide simple and enjoyable travel services. We are the artisans of dreams in the areas of medical tourism, immigration, international study, holidays, visa processing, bookings, and much more.
We are a deep-rooted travel agency with growing national capacity through a network of partnerships that are yielding good-sized influence in key traveling stances throughout the country.
As a new generation traveling agency, we have embraced the challenges of trailblazing, by taking a leading role through the creation of a new digital solution that addresses the need of our prospective clients, with a great desire to explore advantages.

All you have to do is think it and we make it happen!

Birdview Visa Services

Visa processing can be really tiresome, right? It’s okay, Birdview Travels was designed just for you.

We have a team of qualified consultants that are readily available to guide you through the visa application process. We are able to equip you with all the necessary visa requirements for your intended destination. We are committed to making it hassle free for you.

Birdview Visa Services is a one-stop solution for your visa issues. We provide visa assistance services for both medical/childbirth visa needs, tourist/vacation purpose, and immigration. We also prepare you for your visa interview and, subsequently, for port of entry. These will ensure that you are ready for almost all possible issues throughout your process. We show you how to explore the advantages.

Birdview Educational Services

Birdview Educational Services mirrors a world of educational veterans who have walked a distant mile to place global footprints and make waves in the international education sector. With our continually growing international community, Birdview Educational Services aims to stand as a bridge that links students from where they are to where they aspire to be.

We pride in our unwavering determination to be the craftsmen of actualizing foreign education dreams with optimum guidance. Our expertise covers consulting, exam preparation, application processing, scholarships, visa processing, ticketing and accommodation.

Birdview Tourism Services

Remember what we said about being more than just your travel agency? Well, we meant it! Our travel consultants can be described as today’s travel enthusiasts. We’ve got passion and experience that you can count on. Tell us your dream vacation. Romantic getaway? Holiday trips? Family trips? Group tours? Honeymoon? medical tourism? Or business trips? We’ve got your back and, of course, your budget.

All you’ve got to do is take that leap and trust us to plan a memorable vacation that will be worth your while. Are you ready for the roller-coaster of fun?

Birdview Accommodation Services

We understand that you have enough to worry about when it comes to planning your international travel, that’s why we are here to take your accommodation headaches away! Birdview Travels has teamed up to create Sam Joe Homes so we can settle all accommodation problems. Located in safe and secure environments, Sam Joe homes perfectly describe havens where travelers can get comfortable and affordable accommodations for a great value.

Talk to us today and save the stress.

Birdview Luxury Citizenship

Our team inspires a reliable shield of greater protection for yourself and your family members, with interesting and enticing investment opportunities offers in top-tier countries. We do know how to help you spread your wings and grow your financial strength. We sure know how to make you soar high.

Birdview Immigration Services 

We offer immigration consulting services to clients from different cultures across the world. Our offers include but not limited to consultations on Canada and Australia permanent residency applications. We provide professional, transparent, efficient service and custom-made services to meet each client’s immigration dream.

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