Green News Nigeria

Green News Nigeria

Green News was created to represent the streets in the digital media sphere. After observing a seeming marginalization in what appeared like consistent glitz and glamour in Nigerian digital media market, Green News found the need to create a space for the average man on Nigerian streets. This has propelled a paradigm shift in the spiral of silence trailing the Nigerian digital media space.

The brand offers diverse contents that cut across entertainment, events, lifestyle, sports, fashion, politics, and more, in the most interesting ways possible and, at the same time, promises to be the lifeline of the marginalized majority.

We breathe on the slogan, ‘Voice Of The Street’, introducing a new realm with an avid desire to present the street as priority.

Our Services

In line with global algorithm, Green News now offers more video products than text journalism. Some of the video shows/products are highlighted in sections below. Other services of the brand are also further highlighted.

Analyse This

Analyse This on Greennews is simply an online TV sports show that brings to the table detailed and analytical mannerism as well as tactics of various sports teams during a game, Analyse This seeks to address strengths, weaknesses, defensive prowess, team organization, team disorganization, versatility and every component that football games have to offer.

The Republic

The political deception, The failed promises, the heart broken electorate and the endless polictical tantrums with the legislative saga. We talk about all of this on The Republic!

Sports Lifestyle

There’s no doubt that you know their stats, numbers, strengths and weaknesses on the field, but who isn’t curious about what goes on behind the scenes, the glitz, the glamour, the style, their favorite hangout spots and everything in between. We’ve got your back on sports lifestyle. We give you bits and pieces of the fabulous or not so fabulous lives of top sport celebrities in football, tennis, basketball, wrestling and so much more.


MVCN (Most Valuable Celebrities in Nigeria) Show was birthed by Greennews to give Nigerian Celebrities in all spheres the accolades they deserve, especially in line with their media activities. Celebrities will be rated and given points earned through proper scrutiny of their various social media activities.

Green Money

Green money is strictly about financial matters. Tola Otukoya talks about littlest of things like how to make money with 200naira. Who knew? You definitely will want to join the analytical journey of the Nigerian financial market on Green Money. It’s the total financial package.

Urban Dudes

Urban Dudes on Greennews is a show that depicts and mirrors the mind of an average Nigerian ‘Dude’. It brings a blend of entertainment and education to the table as it expresses the lifestyle of the city guys, how it affects them, the society and the opposite sex.

In Dah Hood

Remember what we said about having the desire to present the street as priority, well, we meant it. There’s so much fun on the street, and greennews is here to capture every moment. We want to know what’s popping ‘In da hood’. Bringing life to the streets, bringing life to Greennews

Our Services

We are the window that exposes you to a million worlds.

  • Talent Management- Collaborating with Birdview Communications, we leverage our journalistic prowess to constantly put you in the minds of people, while pooling all recourses to ensure that your brand is favourably perceived.
  • Digital Marketing- Since we made this a hobby, we find it fun solving digital marketing issues for brands. When it’s fun, the energy is definitely contagious.
  • Spin Doctors- When you need green, but have only blue, we are experts at adding a simple touch of yellow to your blue to get GREEN. For us, it is all about advantages.